A letter to all of you: o meu primeiro e último post em inglês (Dia de Portugal)

I’ve heard a thousand times now that I should write my blog in English. I appreciate your concern and interest in reading what I post. I also understand that it could boost my reach and audience but I really want to honour the Portuguese language and people. We all know that the Portuguese community here in Canada is getting old and so are the media that reach to them so I want to make sure that all of the Portuguese have the possibility to get good timely content that matters.

Having said this, I am not a daily news site and for that I would recommend that you visit 416 News where you can find a variety of subjects addressed that really matter to the Portuguese community, and again, in Portuguese.

Its sad to see that radios are being replaced by podcasts and Spotify, newspapers are going digital and TV’s are becoming platforms to watch shows on demand like Netflix and YouTube. So I want to keep up!

Don’t forget to visit and subscribe my YouTube channel so you get notified every time I post a new video (hoping you like them)!

Luso-canadiana is all about bringing the Portuguese language to all the people who live here and miss it, to all the second and third generations who won’t let their heritage die and want to improve their reading and listening skills and also, to all of you out there in Portugal, Brazil, Spain, Angola, the UK and so on, that fill my heart with joy every time you message me.

On this day more than 400 years ago, the great poet Luis de Camões died and since 1977 we celebrate Portugal Day, Camões Day and it’s also the day we celebrate all the Portuguese communities around the world.

I truly do this for you so your opinion matters. Lets always support our community and our language that is as unique as we all are.

Love always,


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